Education for All

Expanding and improving comprehensive early childhood care and education, especially for the most vulnerable and disadvantage children.

Ensuring that the learning needs of all young people and adults are met through equitable access to appropriate learning and life-skills programmes.
Education for <span>All</span>

Investing in Heritage

Encourage countries to sign the World Heritages Convention and to ensure the protection of their natural and cultural heritages

Encourages states parties to establish management plans and set up reporting systems on the state of conservation of their World Heritages States.
Investing in <span>Heritage</span>

Unsurpassed Tourism

Establishing the necessary structures and controls to underpin tourism development.

Maximizing the necessary services skills, secure a more competitive position and Expanding tourism products.
Unsurpassed <span>Tourism</span>

Information and Communication

The Advancement in scientific and technological research in the has led to what is referred to as the convergence of technologies.

fundamental role in the development process as they are essential for people to successfully respond to the opportunities and challenges of social, economic and technological changes.
Information and <span>Communication</span>

Welcome to our Website

Dr. Moshi M.Kimizi(PhD) Executive Secretary

On behalf of the UNESCO National Commission of the United Republic of Tanzania I would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to view the Commissions’ website. UNESCO was established in order to promote international understanding and culture of peace among the International Community through education, science, social science, culture, communication and information. The UNESCO National Commission was founded in 1962 to implement UNESCO programmes in the country in order to realize UNESCO goals and promote its ideals. Tanzania as a developing country is still grappling with several developmental challenges. It has developed its development strategy; vision 2025 and poverty reduction strategies for both mainland and Zanzibar that guide all social and economic development plans.

Our mission

To become a centre of excellence in advancing knowledge, promoting peace and innovation in order to contribute towards building a knowledgeable, informed, innovative and patriotic society

Our vision

To involve stakeholders in execution of UNESCO programmes in its five areas of competence in order to realise the country development goals and to promote peace and understanding among nations.

Core Values

Client Focus, Result/outcome oriented, Integrity, Transparency and accountability, Innovativeness and creativity, Professionalism, Diligence to duty & Team work.                                                        

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